A little bit of Vintage

So here she is the Frister & Rossman Hand Crank Sewing Machine that will be heading from the UK to Australia in the next couple of months.

My Dad bought it for Mum to use quite a few years ago, she didn’t like electric machines as she grew up (as I did) using a Singer Hand Crank that Nan bought back in the 1930’s.

Mum never got to use it – this machine was purchased from a well-known store near Southampton, totally reconditioned, and as you can see she is pretty.

Will keep you posted on when she arrives.



Front View



Hand Crank



Left Side (Needle)





Medium Tote Bag

As my new walking foot arrived last week, I was able to tackle putting the medium tote bag together, and did so with ease, the walking foot makes going through layers easy.


Walking foot attached

Here is the result, my third Two Pretty Poppets Stand up and Tote notice bag, the medium size, which is pretty large.  I love this tweed / check fabric which was a cheap op shop find, 2m of fabric for about $3 a few years ago, it has been great to work with.


Medium sized ‘Stand up and Tote Notice’ bag, pattern by Two Pretty Poppets

Hello new sewing machine

Today, I went in the search of a new replacement sewing machine.  I knew our local ALDI still had some of their re-badged Janome DC2050’s in at $199, I thought they may have reduced them down further now, since it was November that they had them in.  But that was the cheapest.  So I bit the bullet and bought one.

I had done research online at it appears that Janome is a good brand.

So here she is….


Aldi Stirling DC2050 aka Janome DC2050

A computerised sewing machine with 50 stitch patterns for $199, has to be a bargain.  I have done a little test run and it is so quiet, and pretty easy to use, although some of the buttons will take some getting used too, but I am sure we’ll get along just fine.


Sick bed…

My trust little Husqvarna Viking H|Class E10 (Husky as she is known) is very sick.  Due to the lack of support here in Australia it looks like she is going to be going away for 8 weeks to be looked at!


Naughty little Husky!

She started being naughty with the needle getting stuck, so I’ve had her apart cleaning, defuzzing, oiling, but oh no still remains insistent on playing up.

Yesterday she decided to sew really really slow, I thought the foot pedal must be stuck, nah, weird.  Switched it off, started to sew again and yeah it worked for about 4 stitches then went at lighting speed where she wouldn’t stop, had to switch off to stop.

So awaiting details from the Husqvarna Agents as to what to do (as there is a 2 year warranty on these).

In the meantime today (Saturday) I am going to look for a cheap stand-in until she is back!