Love a bargain

Stopped by Spotlight today, went to purchase a blind for the spare room!  But of course had to stop by the remnant bin for a rummage!

Here’s what I came out with, a piece of vinyl and a piece of vintage print fabric, about 0.5m of each for the bargain price of 75 cents…yes under a dollar for the both!  I’ll get a few small bags out of these.


So I’ve already cut some of the vintage print fabric out for my favourite Blue Calla Pattern, Clematis clutch!



Good-to-go Messenger

The lovely Lisa from Two Pretty Poppets had a flash sale this weekend.  I purchased the Hang about Toiletry bag, that I’ve had my eye on for sometime.  I also got this Good-to-go Messenger which was ‘Free’.  We all love freebies.  TPP patterns are well written and are easy to follow, so give them a go!

I am making this Good-to-go Messenger.  I cut up a pair of my jeans….it’s OK they no longer fit.  So this will be the main bag fabric.  I am using a piece of ‘Retro’ Caravan Fabric for the flap, and a plain lining for the inside.  I am going to get this finished for the Brisbane Caravan Show in just over a weeks time, hopefully it will become a ‘show and tell’ item!!



Here is my next Clematis Clutch bag, all cut out, ready to interface and sew.

I must admit I am a bit of a Boop fan, always have been since I was very small (apparently). There is something about this iconic diva of the day.  Can you believe the very first cartoon was aired back in 1932!


Betty Boop


and here is the last clutch I finished this week.  I absolutely love this one.  I think it looks pretty classy!


Snake Print Clutch

New ‘free’ pattern trial

I have got a new pattern to try.  This is a free one by ChrisW designs Link for anyone interested  It is called Coco – it is an everyday bag design.

I have chosen to use the fabric I purchased from Black Tulip Quilts a little while ago.  The fabric is Folkloric Fabric by Alexander Henry – Orange Sugar Skulls, I thought it was pretty cool, and I got it cheap in the sale $14 for nearly 2 metres as it was the end of roll!

Here are the pattern piece cut out (except the handles, which I am undecided about at the moment!)


Second cut

So this evening so far, I have finished cutting out the second Pyramid Bag, and this time I have used a mix of fusible interfacing.  (Jeez I hate ironing!!)  The pattern doesn’t call for any, but I think this will make it much better.

Loving the colour combo of this one.


Ever wondered how fabric is printed?

I saw this video a couple of weeks ago, and I had never really thought how fabric was printed.   I just go along to my local fabric store and buy it.

But this is really interesting to watch from start to finish.  Click on this link to watch the video Manufacturing printed fabrics


Giving the bag structure

To give some structure to a bag, there is usually an element of stabilisers and foams used.

The problem is there is not much choice here in Australia, unless you want to pay $35 for a metre, which therefore increases the selling price.

As an alternative I dropped in to our local Clarks Rubber and found some Peeled Foam which is around 6mm thickness and thought, that may just do it, and at only $7.25 per metre its even better.

I tried it out on my medium tote that I am making and it works well, it is surprisingly easy to work with and goes through the machine effortlessly – result!