A couple of additions

The past week I’ve finished a couple more Clematis Clutches.

The first was the Japanese Macaque Monkey design.  I purchased this printed ‘towel’ as they call it in Daiso (the cheap Japanese store).  Although on the instructions it can be used for anything, they show it being used as wrapping paper!  Well, that certainly makes it multi-purpose, with me using as fabric!  I did have to add some additional interfacing to the fabric, as it is a cotton linen blend, so quite see-thru.


Here is my Macaque Monkey Clematis Clutch, I think it has turned out brilliantly, and a little different, unique you could say!



Front of the bag



Rear of bag















Then it was on to my next….Here is some black geometric shaped fabric, with added hot pink zip and polka dot lining.  I’ve added a card slot pocket on the inner slip pocket too.



Front of bag




Inner slip pocket with card slot





A little bit of Vintage

So here she is the Frister & Rossman Hand Crank Sewing Machine that will be heading from the UK to Australia in the next couple of months.

My Dad bought it for Mum to use quite a few years ago, she didn’t like electric machines as she grew up (as I did) using a Singer Hand Crank that Nan bought back in the 1930’s.

Mum never got to use it – this machine was purchased from a well-known store near Southampton, totally reconditioned, and as you can see she is pretty.

Will keep you posted on when she arrives.



Front View



Hand Crank



Left Side (Needle)




How many pieces?

I downloaded a free pattern from Swoon, it’s a new one called ‘Dollie’ a mini crossbody bag, which is titchy tiny but seriously how many bag parts?

Now I have to iron and fuse (the least fun part…I hate ironing!!)

Stay tuned for how Dollie turns out.


Swoon Dollie Mini Crossbody Bag


A new pattern

I thought I would try this pattern I found online which was free…not the easiest to follow, in fact, who wrote this?  It was not very clear and concise as some free patterns.  However, I battled through with quite a bit of unpicking.  Because I lost the love for this earlier on I am not happy with it but I will show you anyway, this one will not be up for sale.


Mint Choc Chipmunk

I adore this Tula Pink Mint Chipper fabric, it is so cute.  I just had to make a Clematis Wristlet out of it, along with some chocolate vinyl I purchased the other day.

Looks as good as my favourite Ice Cream Mint Choc Chip (munk)!!

Mint Choc Chipmunk.jpg


Here is the completed Lilac Mini Messenger by Blue Calla Patterns.

Finished in Tula Pink’s Chipper Mint ‘Chipmunk’ fabric and some Grey faux suede fabric that I picked up in the bargain bin at Spotlight last weekend!

I think you’ll agree that this is pretty cute 🙂

I did change the lining to a mint green as well, but the colour hasn’t come through well in the photo.


Good to Go

I’ve been saving some old garments that I cannot bear to part with.  One of those items being my favourite ‘FatFace’ Jeans.  I adored these, but sadly no longer fitted.  I’ve been hanging on to them and glad I did.  I went for the chop on Sunday, and they have been turned into this fabulous ‘Good-to-Go’ Messenger.  Pattern courtesy of my favourite pattern designer Lisa at Two Pretty Poppets

It is surprising how much fabric you have to play with out of a pair of old jeans.  I used some of my retro caravan fabric for the flap and a plain blue lining.  As this bag is for me, I thought I would keep in plain, just in case hubby ends up carrying it – it could be unisex.  I also kept the label from the back of the jeans and added as a feature to the side of the bag.