G’day and thanks for stopping by.

I am Karen, a migrant from England and now living in beautiful Queensland, Australia with my husband Peter.

I have been sewing since my Grandmother taught me at a young age (about 7 or 8 years old), on her old Singer hand-wheeled sewing machine (much like the one shown below).  Much more control on those machines, only straight stitch to contend with, but you really did need three hands, well for a youngster anyway, two to guide the fabric through and one to turn the handle.

Singer Hand Sewing Machine

I did needlecraft at school, but then I really wasn’t interested in making homely things, like oven mitts and pot holders – that was just plain boring!

It wasn’t until recently that I got the old sewing machine out and started making items again, strangely enough – oven mitts!

It was then, that I saw on a Social media page, a pattern for a Beach Tote, and it looked easy, so I thought I would give this a go, and to my amazement it turned out really impressive.  This has now got me in to making bags and I love it, I get such a buzz making these creations, magically coming together into something that is useful.


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