My first Man Bag!

I’ve completed my first ‘Man Bag’ this was based on a Change Bag / Diaper Baby Bag pattern which was free from  This is a fairly large bag, and I thought it would be great for hubby as a bag to put all his “gadget” gear in when we go camping!  Plus we had some Camo fabric (which is his favourite!).  So I set to work on this.  There are a few pieces but I have been working on this over the past couple of weeks on and off, so in reality, it didn’t take too long, well I would say about 5-6 hours in total (but I was doing 20mins here, 10mins there!)

So here is the result.  I changed out one of the three part slip pockets for a tablet slip pocket which is padded for protection.  I also added a zip pocket to the front.

This is a great Unisex bag.  I would definitely make more of these – If you are interested prices start from AU$99 for a basic design, plus shipping.  Images shown are with options and the price of this one would be $150 + shipping





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