My first Man Bag!

I’ve completed my first ‘Man Bag’ this was based on a Change Bag / Diaper Baby Bag pattern which was free from  This is a fairly large bag, and I thought it would be great for hubby as a bag to put all his “gadget” gear in when we go camping!  Plus we had some Camo fabric (which is his favourite!).  So I set to work on this.  There are a few pieces but I have been working on this over the past couple of weeks on and off, so in reality, it didn’t take too long, well I would say about 5-6 hours in total (but I was doing 20mins here, 10mins there!)

So here is the result.  I changed out one of the three part slip pockets for a tablet slip pocket which is padded for protection.  I also added a zip pocket to the front.

This is a great Unisex bag.  I would definitely make more of these – If you are interested prices start from AU$99 for a basic design, plus shipping.  Images shown are with options and the price of this one would be $150 + shipping






I am making hubby a bag.  It needed to be large, with loads of pockets….so I found a free online pattern from and it happens to be a Diaper Bag.  Why am I using a diaper bag pattern you ask?  Well, because it has loads of pockets, lots of storage places, just right for the gadget man!



The outer elasticated pocket



This will be the inner lining of the outer pocket

The pattern called for single sided bias binding.  To try and find that in my local Spotlight was near on impossible.

As I like to reuse.  I had a set of unused single sheets (from a spare bed we sold).  So I’ve put the sheet to good use and made it into some bias binding!

Tune in later for progress on this project.