Pretty Flamingo Clutch Bag

This morning we headed out to Broadbeach, unknowingly that the Arts and Craft markets were on.  Had a little mooch around there, ho-hum there are so many bag sellers, so don’t think I stand a look in getting into that scene!  But I can try, application is in.

This afternoon I was intent on completing my Flamingo design bag.  I put a top zip in this one, took a bit of working out, but got there in the end, but….ooPs I forgot something!  Anyway, here is the Flamingo Clutch bag, I think it looks pretty cool!  Nobody will ever know there was meant to be handles!!!  That’s between you and me….

Flamingo Clutch

Pretty Flamingo Clutch Bag

This will be on Etsy for sale shortly for AU$39.95.

I post internationally (postage to be paid by they Buyer).  To give you an idea postage to the UK is around AU$20 (around £11.00)


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