A calavera is Spanish for “skull” is a representation of a human skull. The term is most often applied to decorative or edible skulls made (usually by hand) from either sugar or clay which are used in the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos). (courtesy of wikipedia)

This fabric is designed by Alexander Henry renowned for his take on skeletal figure design fabrics.  I loved this one it is so eye-catching.

So here is the completed “Coco” bag by ChrisWdesigns.  This pattern was relatively easy to follow, and only took a few hours to make.

It is a nice size bag.  I opted for flat handles as opposed to the piped version with metal accessories (only because I didn’t have any to hand!).  I think I shall be making a few more of these for my Etsy shop.  I have ideas to change the front too, maybe adding an external zip pocket – watch this space!

Sugar Skull 'Coco' Bag                   Coco Bag



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