Walk this way

This week I haven’t done much sewing, I am waiting patiently for my walking foot to arrive.  This is what it looks like, I know – it looks a pretty mean contraption!


Walking Foot

This idea of this is it should assist sewing through all the layers of fabric and foam.  It will be just my luck that I’ll get impatient and sew the bag together for it to turn up the next day, so I will wait!

Lining pieces

I have been adding the pockets to the lining, yes, I know, another inner zip pocket; I so love creating these, I think I am getting a little obsessed with zips!

I added the slip pocket to the other side and stitched it up the centre, to create a divide, but also added a little section to put a pen.  You know you always have a pen in your handbag, but you can guarantee it will make it’s way to the bottom of the bag.  I bought some little handbag charms from the bead store at Carrara Markets, so have added one to this 🙂

Included a swivel trigger clip so you can clip your keys on the inside for safe keeping.


Inside lining pieces


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