My first Man Bag!

I’ve completed my first ‘Man Bag’ this was based on a Change Bag / Diaper Baby Bag pattern which was free from  This is a fairly large bag, and I thought it would be great for hubby as a bag to put all his “gadget” gear in when we go camping!  Plus we had some Camo fabric (which is his favourite!).  So I set to work on this.  There are a few pieces but I have been working on this over the past couple of weeks on and off, so in reality, it didn’t take too long, well I would say about 5-6 hours in total (but I was doing 20mins here, 10mins there!)

So here is the result.  I changed out one of the three part slip pockets for a tablet slip pocket which is padded for protection.  I also added a zip pocket to the front.

This is a great Unisex bag.  I would definitely make more of these – If you are interested prices start from AU$99 for a basic design, plus shipping.  Images shown are with options and the price of this one would be $150 + shipping






I am making hubby a bag.  It needed to be large, with loads of pockets….so I found a free online pattern from and it happens to be a Diaper Bag.  Why am I using a diaper bag pattern you ask?  Well, because it has loads of pockets, lots of storage places, just right for the gadget man!



The outer elasticated pocket



This will be the inner lining of the outer pocket

The pattern called for single sided bias binding.  To try and find that in my local Spotlight was near on impossible.

As I like to reuse.  I had a set of unused single sheets (from a spare bed we sold).  So I’ve put the sheet to good use and made it into some bias binding!

Tune in later for progress on this project.



Back to sewing

For two weeks now I haven’t sewn a thing due to illness, but now feeling better, so made this little floral wristlet over the past day.

Sewn on the Bernina and it was a joy to use.  Now on to the next project….what will it be?


In the past week

In the last week, not a lot has got done.  Well, I decided to fire up the 1955 Singer 99k


her top stitch was brilliant but the underside was ghastly, no matter which way I turned the tension dial, it was no better.

Then I saw the reason why in the 61 years of its life I don’t think it had ever been serviced or cleaned.  So I set to work on de-fluffing her!  Some of the parts that should move freely had seized up, with oil gunk and fluff.



Before cleaning

So after de-fluffing the bobbin area (looked like the remnants of some animal!)



61 years of grime that come out of the bobbin area

She looked much better



After cleaning

and she now sews sweet, with the straightest top stitching!  Especially though Vinyl / Pleather, it was so effortless.

top stitch.jpg

But before I can use this old gal, I want to replace her belt and bobbin winder rubber, as they look like the originals and I think are on their last legs, so I am waiting on replacements coming from the U.S of A.  Will keep you posted.

I am currently working on my Gerbera Wristlet, using my Kawaii fabric.  However, then I hit a problem with my 6mth old Janome, her top stitching was awful (what is going on with machines at the moment?)  The stitching was as wonky as anything.  Rethreaded, rewound the bobbin, cleaned the bobbin area, changed needles but nothing would make it any better….so I am at a loss, I think I may have to get her serviced.



Janome top stitch (if you can call it that!)

Since a few years ago, when my 1980 Bernina Record 830 blew up, I’ve been on the look out for another, but the prices are sky high.  On Gumtree Friday evening a lady had listed her Bernina, I couldn’t see what model it was, but she looked pretty, with her red case.  Yesterday, Nina came home so I now have a 1977 Bernina 800, basic machine, and she is dinky, and it great condition.  The lady had bought her new in 1977 for $500 (AUD) which equates to $2000 in todays money!

I’ve given her a bit of a clean, not that she needed it, so looking forward to sewing on her 🙂



Introducing “Nina”



Darning hoop, 4 presser feet, and a heap of bobbins!







Faux Suede Good to Go Messenger

OK, so this was going to be a Camera Bag…I found a free pattern online.  However, something didn’t quite add up with the pattern, so instead of wasting the fabric I made it into (one of my favourite designers – Two Pretty Poppets) a Small ‘Good-to-Go’ Messenger.  I added a rear outer zip pocket and added so me piping to the flap, which was my very first attempt at piping, and surprisingly it didn’t turn out too bad!

Good to go messenger.jpg

Love a bargain

Stopped by Spotlight today, went to purchase a blind for the spare room!  But of course had to stop by the remnant bin for a rummage!

Here’s what I came out with, a piece of vinyl and a piece of vintage print fabric, about 0.5m of each for the bargain price of 75 cents…yes under a dollar for the both!  I’ll get a few small bags out of these.


So I’ve already cut some of the vintage print fabric out for my favourite Blue Calla Pattern, Clematis clutch!


At the Copa…Copacabana

Her name was Lola… she is Lola (by Swoon Patterns).  She was certainly testing working with vinyl accents and handles, but you’ve got to admit she looks pretty damn good.

Flamingo fabric with elephant grey vinyl accent to the front pocket and handles.  With a shot of hot pink sneaking through at the zippers.

Not only that, I’ve just noticed, and this was unintentional, the flaming at the seams nearly matches up, both sides!  result….




Front view with accent pocket




Rear view








Bottom of bag